Double Joy Select unveils exotic 100% Dried Fruit Bars



Double Joy Select was founded in 2016 after a passion for food, cooking, and discovering new flavors inspired a trip to the coffee fields of Colombia. After observing the unmistakable zeal that goes into curating the perfect cup of coffee, we were inspired to become part of the industry. Double Joy Select was born with the mission to create unrivaled instant coffee that can be enjoyed anytime, anywhere, right away.

With an enthusiasm for exploring delicacies from around the world, we look for specialties that will stimulate the palate and enhance the food and beverage experience. As our selection grows, our focus will always be to offer the highest quality products to customers in the United States and beyond.




Grown in perfect micro-climates near the base of the Andes Mountains in a region known as the "Coffee Axis," we use only the highest quality hand-selected beans from the Andes Mountain region to create an instant brew that’s powerfully flavorful.

Once the beans are selected, they’re roasted many times at just the right temperature, and that’s when the instant brewing process begins. The roasted beans are spray dried at temperatures so high that the coffee turns to a fine dust, bringing the coffee to its finest purity without sacrificing any flavor. That dust is added to fresh-ground coffee at specific stages to make the final product taste just like a freshly brewed cup of coffee simply by adding hot water or milk. This process ensures that you’ll taste the notes of authentically brewed coffee in every sip.


We then package the coffee in single, vacuum-packed packets, seal them up, and ship them right to your door. Each time you open a packet, you get a fresh-tasting, invigorating coffee experience straight from the farms of Colombia.


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