Snack Deliciously without the guilt!

The health benefits of our bars.

Less than 100 calories per bar! Loaded with natural vitamins and minerals direct from nature without any human interference or additions just like nature is intended to be.

Why are our bars different than other fruit bars?

  • A real tropical experience without apples or cheap fillers or pureed fruits but 100% the advertised fruits on the label without any cheats. 
  • Fruits are grown in Colombia which are known to be full of tropical flavor more than other regions in the world
  • We work with and help small farmers thrive in a region that's trying to rebuild. By purchasing our fruit bars you will be helping those amazing families struggling to make a life for themselves.


Eat Healthy Yet Tasty

100% Dried fruit bar 
100% Natural 
100% Vegan 
100% Satisfying  

The Double Joy Difference

Double Joy Select Dried Fruit Bars are made of a smooth, condensed blend of 100% all-natural dried fruit, making them easy to chew and a pleasure to consume. Instead of pressed fruit that’s puffed up with apples, we maintain the highest quality and flavor by ensuring each bar is free of fillers, preservatives, purees, and added flavors or coloring. The only ingredients in the bar are the Colombian-grown fruits on the label. Double Joy Select Dried Fruit Bars are a reliable, healthy snack at an unbeatable price that can be enjoyed by the whole family.